Bloom Like a Rose, Be Beautiful ( 2008) a work that I made some time ago but kept kind of hidden


Flit said...

I really like this work. Once I wanted to make a film about what it means to be a man. I found this old footage of me growing up and I was a super effeminate child. I got that beat out of me until I fit in. Anyway, this work reminds me of that project in some ways. The images of masculinity.

Oscar B. said...

Flit, interesting, I think that this work is possibly more about 'what it means to 'have' to be a man...rites of passage and all that, if it makes sense.

alan said...

Oh my, is 2008 "some time ago" already? I feel old.

Hmm, if this is what it means to have to be a man, what does it mean to choose to be a man? Is there a dialectic between this work about the imposition of sex roles and resulting entrapment and/or violence, and your other work based on the Oscar character, a male identity assumed by the female artist?

Interesting stuff as always, and let me mention that I follow your comments to Dennis with interest.

Oscar B. said...

Hey Alan, yes, I feel old too. blah.

yes, I think there definetely is a dialectic between this work and 'Oscar'. In my case, assuming a male role (a teenage male)is a way of exploring my feminine side, as strange as this can sound.

In this work, but I would say in my work in general, even though from different perspecives, I have been looking into the idea of fanaticism and cult of the self taken to an extreme.

thanks for the comment!

Wolf said...

oooh.. nice... i am an aztec freak, well, not meaning i actually am aztec but a sucker for aztec stuff, and of course the heart-tearing sacrifices are a big favouritesof mine as you'd expect.. yumm..

Oscar B. said...

Wolf : )
I don't know much about Aztec culture..perhaps you can illuminate me about it next time we meet