The girl of tulips and flies

Fingers bleed. 

A stage made of white marble at the end of a road populated with tulips and flies. 
The knocking of your legs, quick, bones are so light they seem cave inside. The silken blonde whisk of your hair the color of a tulip. Eyes are opalescent like the bodies of flies. 
The sun cries rain cold and salty.
"Don't be scared" - said the man, tall, to the little figure half shadow and half tulips and flies, "come."
The figure floats till she reaches the man's lap. She sits on it.

A secret path suddenly opens in front of me. 
I stop, "he" keeps walking. 
When he comes back, he will tell me what he saw.
The big shadows of trees black and subtle like a vision that is already vanished. 

Ten steps more, and it will be time to walk again down the same road, this time backwards. 

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