Put The Lotion In The Basket said...

The young man
Turned looking into the room once more
Catching his elegant frame in the mirror.
He pushes hair from his eyes and smiles
Paris awaits
Paris will fall at his feet.
He turns again towards the door.
This is what he has waited for, longed for
and it's his, all his.....

I really hope everything is as you would wish it Oscar.
Good Luck

Oscar B. said...

Thank you Nick. Good luck to you too, in Spain or wherever you are and plan to be.
Here is great so far. I woke up having almost forgotten where I was, but as soon as I was reminded, I just smiled to myself because it felt almost unreal. I very much felt like the young man you described here.



tender prey said...

hey oscar - love the recent drawings... and congrats
on getting to Paris!

Oscar B. said...

Hey Marc! thanks! it's really great here, I'm very excited! come around, Wolf and you, sometimes!