Untitled (2008)

biro on paper, 28 x 25 cm


Waiting For John said...

Hiya Oscar,

This is really wonderful. No resemblance to the baby in Eraserhead at all! lol

Tristram. X

ps: deleted my first comment becaus I forgot the word 'is' (2nd line.) How pathetic is that! Role play of the worst kind.

SKIZO said...

In your honour and in honour of all the Illustrators and Painters, I published
an illustration.

kier said...

hey oscar, wow, this is really amazing. i'm kind of terrified. x

Oscar B. said...

Kier, thanks!

SKIZO...where did you publish the illustration? which illustration?

Oscar B. said...

Tristram, sorry, never said thanks for your comment! So, thanks : )