The Monster (2010)

pencil on paper


Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

Hiya Oscar,

Firstly, please excuse me for a while ago when I spoke with you as Tristram. It wasn't any kind of a game, more to find who he was I had to be him and it was also nice for me to speak to people away from the usual things I am associated with.

Anyway, the drawing has a lot of you in it. The eyes and also the jaw line (i think). I've only seen picture but immediately I thought of a younger version of yourself.

In general, what's nice about your art is that it comes from a world, some place we can feel the characters came from. And no matter who or what you draw that world is always very discernible. Mny artists they kinda do nice stuff (technically) but it lacks an origin... there is no atmosphere. So you have a drawing or painting but it is just there and comes from no other place. And the place it comes from is the vision.

Ok, hope you're well, all my thoughts & Wishes, Shane.

White Java Sparrow said...

Hi, this is an excellent one. You know, what type of work I like!

Oscar B. said...

Hey Shane, thanks a lot for your comment. I liked the Tristram game anyway : )
But it's good to hear 'Shane' talking.

Oscar B. said...

White Java Sparrow, thank you! yes I think I know your taste in art :)