'Theme of Sadness' on Transductions

The great writer Thomas Moore interviewed me about my new zine Theme Of Sadness (Kiddiepunk Press) for Transductions.
Here you can read Thomas Moore's introduction and an extract from the interview:

One of the finest and most consistently impeccable art imprints that I can think of – KIDDIEPUNK – celebrates its tenth year of existence this year. The last decade has seen the label – which started life in Melbourne, Australia but is now based in Paris, France – build up a solid and darkly rich catalogue of zines, films, and records.

To celebrate its Decennial, Kiddiepunk is releasing a series of limited edition zines created by different artists of various practices. The first is by O.B. De Alessi.

Theme of Sadness is a collection of drawings by De Alessi that channel the seemingly inherent sadness attached to youth. Mysterious children stare out from the pages of the zine with expressions that appear to range from haunted to contempt. The kids cry, dance and scowl. They are very beautiful and they are very sad. Theme of Sadness fits in perfectly with the unique Kiddiepunk family.

I spoke with O.B. Alessi about the Theme of Sadness.

OK, so it’d be great if you could start off by talking a little about the genesis of Theme of Sadness. Where did the idea start?

One day I started making a small drawing of a girl dressed as a fairy. I wasn’t really thinking of a series then, it was just a single drawing and I was interested in the expression of her face more than anything else.
But then I showed it to Michael (who runs Kiddiepunk) and he liked it very much and I think he had already asked me to make a zine for Kiddiepunk. So I decided to draw more of these characters and make a series.
And, thinking of it as a series, the whole thing immediately acquired a more solid aspect in my head, it became like a little world in itself.

To read the entire interview go to Transductions


A performance that took place during the opening of the show 'The Weaklings' at Five Years, London, on June the 10th 2010.