On December the 23rd 2010, the two - year long project oscarscar.blogspot.com was completed.
The blog, written from the perspective of 16 - year - old Oscar Scar, copycats Goethe's novel "The Sorrows of Young Werther".
Created in 2008 as the personification of a 19th century 'dandy', Oscar represents an eternal adolescent who needs to impersonate character after character in order to express himself.
His birth, transformations and death were also narrated through videos, graphic novels, and performance.
Oscarscar.blogspot.com has only been mentioned once so in relation to my work so far, during the interview with Jesse Hudson I did for Fanzine .
Oscar Scar appears for the last time at the beginning of a graphic novel that I am currently working on.

WHITE MOON - Oblong Gallery 1st Feb 2011

Oblong presents O. B. De Alessis' first solo show 'White Moon': 'White Moon' is a yet-to-be-released horror film. Woman, the main character, becomes the femme fatale Salomè and the femme fragile Ophelia as she struggles to cope with loss of control and frustrated desire. 'White Moon' is surrounded by mystery as the director has never been identified and only two scenes of the original script remain. Nobody knows how the film was intended to begin or to end. For the first time, you will be shown the few existing scenes and the original trailer as part of a video installation and performance event.