four new works

Untitled - mixed media on paper, 2009

At school, this morning, oil bar on paper, 2009

As part of the "Acrostics" series, I proudly present:

Horses and Madmen Like Everything Treacherous

an acrostic on the first part of 'Hamlet' soliloquy (3/1)

Totally bored of nights too black to initiate the quest, Wilhem took naps, ignoring the monotonous, terrible sound that scattered all around. Oozing odors full of toxic things, an amberjack as sumptously out time as Babylonia offered entertainment to travelers directed towards South. Not much ado, but adornment. 

Shooting squirrels, Wilhem experienced that haunting arousment that thrills naive savages. 

Time flew impalpably, hinting to the imminent apocalypse Christians dictated.

The beautiful Wilhem tricked death; they say that some people trick death admirably - this, too, references feral individuals, though some observe divine Wilhem drowned many cats when (he) was hysterical. 

Some observed that murdered criminals must go unpunished. 

Perhaps, the truth resists to mere confession.

Others sustain life.

Law fired up: weeping Wilhem became troubled with anorexia.

Some old tale - tellers observed Wilhem tremble pathetically. 

Most cats thought pets ought (to) drown.