I close my eyes: I can see nothing at first, the dark void drags me to its deathly end, I resist. I see two Eyes now, their gaze pointing at me from a shop window. I try look back, but I realize they can’t see me. What they see is behind me, somewhere. I want to turn to see what the Eyes are seeing, but I cannot move. My body anguishes, cold sweat on my palms, dry mouth. I want to speak, but the void has sucked in all the words.
Absorbed: I keep trying to turn, one centimeter closer each time, my eyeballs rolled so much to the left that they’re all white.
Feet grounded in thick mud.
I am almost there, my body wrapped up in a spiral, my sight almost coinciding with that of the Eyes.
My spine snaps, I look back at the Eyes before falling into the mud, they don’t see me.

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