Becoming Oscar Scar - Chapter 3


Esther Planas said...

Hello Oscar!
I love your blog!
I will check it better
in the next few days..
blogs and etc
are dangerous to my time
Was great to meet you!
And i really like your stuff...
We have to do some illustrative
romatique revolution soon!

Esther Planas said...

Tomorrow is this show
of weirdo Vienesse exactionistes
at Five years gallery
we will be around !!

Anonymous said...

wait, did you draw this comic yourself?
anyhoo, You are so fucking adorable, brilliant to occupy this romanticized stereotype so fearlessly, especially as a woman. Very Claude Calhoun or whatever. Where is the fine line between mimicking the character and the real girl. It's a performance art thing. Very fascinating indeed.
I would cast you in my fantasy film about Joan of Arc since you are clearly a witch who must be burned.