WHITE MOON - Oblong Gallery 1st Feb 2011

Oblong presents O. B. De Alessis' first solo show 'White Moon': 'White Moon' is a yet-to-be-released horror film. Woman, the main character, becomes the femme fatale Salomè and the femme fragile Ophelia as she struggles to cope with loss of control and frustrated desire. 'White Moon' is surrounded by mystery as the director has never been identified and only two scenes of the original script remain. Nobody knows how the film was intended to begin or to end. For the first time, you will be shown the few existing scenes and the original trailer as part of a video installation and performance event.


_Black_Acrylic said...

wow, only just picked up on your post now, Oscar. Huge congrats on the show!

Oscar B. said...

Ben, thank you very much!

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

'Oops, there was a problem loading this video...'

There you have it Oscar, Vimeo destroying the the last two scenes remaining! I'll just have to come back.

The trailer did play though... and whatever you was doing to John the Baptists's head bloody scared me!Reminded me of dark nights spent listening to music with a girl suffering from psychosis who would soon become my wife... that's how crazy she was!