"All I Want For Christmas Is You" At Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney

I was asked to participate in a show at Firstdraft Gallery with a video on the following concept:

"Pop music is an arena for the spectacular intersection of the common and the divine. So as we have branded and adorned ourselves with religious devotion, these gods and goddesses that captivate and elevate us are fantastic constructions that chant ideological slogans from ineffable, mediated stages. As Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake and countless others play out mythical intimacies in their music (and their twitters), we, the listener and the fan, create the atmosphere of simulacra that provides sustenance for pop stardom. In one sense, fan clubs - Rihanna Navy, Directioners, Beliebers - enslave their ghostly icons, coveting and re-constructing the minutiae of their every recorded act in globalised acts of fictionalisation. The pop identity is thereby splintered or refracted millions of times through mass dissemination, ever organically developed and respawned atop and away from its source."

The Sydney based gallery organised the one night event on December the 6th 2013.

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