from the series "Works I did some time ago": Little Leopold, 2007


alan said...

When I was a young child I was scared of clowns, I would never let one get near me, and yet clowns were all I ever used to draw.

Something to do with anxiety over self-presentation, I think. Which I believe is a major theme of yours.

Anyway, these are wonderful illustrations. Any plans for a children's book or graphic novel?

Oscar B. said...

hey Alan, yes, I was traumatized by the film "It" when I was little...I still dream of it sometimes!
Anxiety over self-presentation,'s interesting, because I think that is one of the many themes that I don't necessarily think about when making work, but they just come through, it seems.

Yes, I did make a graphic novel called Becoming Oscar Scar but it's not finished yet.
I also wrote a children's novel between 2007/08 and illustrated it, I am now in the process of translating it in English as I wrote it in Italian. But it's long (200 pages) so it's gonna take me a while...I will try to publish it or at least self publish it when it's ready.
Glad you like these!