To be a prostitute for a day of festivity, a hidden door in Pimlico, light that changes and becomes green, and men and boys. Beds. There is a sound, yes, it's that of a bouncing piano. A bit of whisky, and here you are, writing down your past without being able to stop. Just, don't scream!
Let others talk, cry and laugh, loudly even, but don't you scream, ever.
How could a father be happy, if all one can see is sex? He will switch to another channel, quietly and a little bit embarrassed. Why?
- because of the sex he is watching
- because of sex in general
- because his son is watching, together with him, sex. 
- because of having to change channel for this reason. 
- because of what his son could be thinking about the fact that his father doesn't want him to watch a sex scene. 
And the mother, where is she? 

Sitting there, in silence.   

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